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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Orientating to the Orientation

Well I started going to my orientation this week. It’s a 2 week ordeal, but the international office here pampers us with grammar, tours, history lessons, get togethers, and a super cool hand bag that we jokingly say marks us for sure as foreign. Haha All the profs have been pretty nice-speaking slowly and simply so we can understand. Half the stuff in the grammar lessons are hard to figure out, that leaves the other half more positive. (I’m trying to be more positive, for some reason I like sounding annoyed and judgmental-as a general rule annoyed means I’m fine with it and ticked off means I’m a bit annoyed…) I’ve met lots of other exchange students from Australia, Canada, the us, Ireland and some other non English speaking countries. I’ve also been testing out the local cuisine: they have very good deserts! Pizza is ok ( I like the local version with goat cheese on it though). A couple of days I have lived on just bread and cheese (very good meal!) And this totally floored me but when I was walking around today looking for a dentist… I saw a chocolaterie yum! And… Did you know that some places sell it at 65 euros ($100) per kilo (per 2.2 lbs) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I found a cheaper store and bought an almond meringue thing for 1.65 euro. O and the dentist, haha always a story… I woke up today with a sore gum swollen-infected maybe-and a mouth painful to open too wide. Yea I guess I have a wisdom tooth coming in and food probably got under the gum and it got infected. I don’t know, but I am going to definitely try to find a dentist tomorrow-sorry Clay no 3 hour literature lesson tomorrow. Shucks!
O and I did get an apartment and I went shopping at the local IKEA nice prices!!! O and I bought a miniature cactus and split blobby looking thing. I have also been trying to contact Alice (my hometown’s senior year French exchange student). It will be so much more fun when she is here-I will have someone who speaks french to speak french to! Hopefully I will soon figure out how to get internet and I will get some pics to go with my blog. Happy Blogging! (click on comment below to comment on my blog)
In the end of this all I believe that I will have a new perspective on exchange students. They are so Blessed and they are survivors.


Anonymous Alice said...

Ahh Clay i'm so sorry I havent been able to talk to you on the phone yet ! You havent called me tonight though...well you can call anytime anyway, just so you know !!
I have to meet those other exchange students from Australia, Canada and Ireland !! I really want to meet more English speaking people in Lyon...sometimes French people can be boring. ;)
And yes as weird as it will be at first, I will definitely do my best to speak French to you ;) And yesss, it will be lots of fun I'm sure!!:D
Oh and was the über expensive chocolaterie called Voisin?? Their chocolate is soo good though...not that I buy it often, haha. But still. ohh yumm almond meringue !! There's this really good pastry shop on Avenue Jean Jaurès, right outside of the Jean Macé metro station, when you go towards my street..I cant remember what it's called but they have the BEST mini tarts there...ohh heavenly.Well if you can't be bothered to look for it, I'll show you once i'm back in town. ;)
Hope to FINALLY manage to talk to you sometime soon :p

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Mme Lumsden said...

Salut Clay, Je suis heuruese de savoir que tu as trouve ton apartement et as commence a l'universite "orientation". J'ai lu ton histoire do ton arrive a Lyon, avec plusieurs problemes, aussi. Je suis en train de chercher l'internet pour les prix pour notre voyage. J'ai trouv'e un auberge - Auberge de Jeunesse Lyon avec l'adresse, 41-45 mont'ee du Chemin Neuf . C'est pres de la Cathedrale St Jean ?? presque sur la cote de la Saone . Peut-etre que tu puisse aller "check it OUt" pour nous quand tu as un peu de temps libre. ( si tu en as!!)

4:49 PM  
Blogger Argile Ecossais Wallanklagebank said...

bonjour mme Lumsden, j'etait a cette auberge de jeunness mes premiers jours a Lyon et c'est tres bon. mais il faut acheter un "carte d'auberge". ca fait enveron 100 euros! donc la prix nest pas tres bon. mais peut etre on peut les appeler de voir si il y a un prix pour les groups, mais je crois que c'est un grand organization qui le fait. (hereusement on peut utilize la carte dans la plus part d'europe)il est dans un tres important endroit tres pres des "roman baths" and theatres. cest aussi pres de le deux plus connue eglises de lyon. cest dans vieux lyon. les dimanche il y a un "tour" libre pour les personnes dans l'auberge avec un bon petit homme. Le system de transport est excellent ici a lyon. il faut moins que 5 euro pour chaque jour de transportation. il y a un autre auberge loin de la premiere mais ce nest pas tres loin de la metro. il est a 51 rue Roger Salengro, il faut 15,7 euro pour les etudants et apres lage de 26 ans 2,9 en plus, je crois (j'ai mon pamphlet que l'universite m'a donne'). Acheter les tickets d'avion de ou

8:38 AM  

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