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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Telephone French!!!

(Me practicing talking on the phone)
Today the coolest thing happened, like one of my biggest dreams was fullfiled! I was at the Quality Inn, where i am working, and one of the cleaning girls came up to the front desk and told me that her boyfriend-from France!-was going to call her in the next 5 min. I said I had always been excited at the prospect of doing my front desk duties in French-I was even practicing in French earlier that day. She and I decided that it would be totally cool if i gave my phone answering schpiel in French. So I told her what I had been practicing (and she corrected me). And then we waited, giddy at the idea of totally shocking her bf. So some customers came to check in (and i promptly checked them into a dirty room on the third floor... hahaha they were cool with it, I had warned them since they were checking early, but the managers wife gave me a good lecture, and i guess i could have called to check, but anyways...) So while i was pretty much finished with the customers at the front desk the phone rang and i said, "Bonjour, je vous remerciez (and i just realized i conjugated that wrong) pour avoir choisi le <> (ka li tay ang). Je m'appelle <>. Comment peux-je vous aider? Translated: Hello, thank you for choosing Quality Inn. I'm Clay. How can I help you? Then there was a pause and a garble of french and then I transfered the call to the lobby phone 7 feet away from me. They both giggled and then had a nice part French/part English conversation. Yea it was definately the highlight of my day. And as Becca so often says (refering to music, that is): I'm a nerd. And I add: I love it.


Blogger Diane Schwieger said...

Awesome French work there! Soon you'll get more french practice than you can imagine!!! :)

12:55 PM  

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