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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chi Alpha Rafting Trip!!!

My campus ministry group-Chi Alpha- went on a rafting trip today. It was a lot of fun. I was in a boat with our captian Lance, and also Rachael, Holly, Bennett, Jaret, and Jenna. Our boat started out as the first boat for the first hour and then after that we were the last. People kept trying to attack us "secretly" so we had to make up a new pace setting word other than "stroke." So we decided since we were like Vikings we would use the words "UUUF DA" to help us keep pace. Out of the 3 boats we hit and got hung up the most rocks. Yea we were special. We didn't really row so we were way behind the others after a couple of hours. And then we also decided to stop and jump off the bridge. That was so scary. I thought i was going to lose my contacts and i could hardly walk on the rocks because they were slimy and the stream was fast. Oh, and we saw a bear b4 we jumped off the bridge. And then when we left we saw it (or another like it) along the river. We were admiring it when... all of a sudden we hit a big huge rock. Our boat tipped over part ways and filled with 2 feet of water! Someone yelled "Get on the rock!" so Jenna jumped on the rock. It happened that just as she jumped on we were freed from the snag and we left her stranded in the middle of the river on the rock. Haha. So she had to swim to us. Then we met our very hungry friends (we had 2 of the coolers, and we had been taking our time.) I ate my 8 grain wheat french bread with butter, onions, spam, french goat cheese and celery. It actually wasn't too bad. The others didn't believe us about the young black bear, until they saw it standing on someone's picnic table eating someone's food above us! After we ate we went on a few good rapids and then everyone in my boat decided that we wanted to lay down and rest. So we did that for the next hour. We were going to ride by the get out spot "sleeping", but there so many drunk tubbers there that no one would have noticed us. And I now realize that my telling you all this is not that interesting to you, unless you were on the trip. Too Bad! Hahaha


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