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Friday, August 11, 2006

San Fran 2!

Hello again blogger buddies (if their are any of you). Time to update ya'll on my time in the hilly city. Yesterday I went to the fisherman's warf, walked alot, took a boat tour to see Alcatraz island and ride under the golden gate bridge. I thought i got scamed with the ticket i bought for the cruz because it had the wrong date, and it was different than the other people's in the line and because I was directed to buy it from some random person standing along the street with a sign. But it turned out that it worked so that was a big releif (can not spell at all). This has definately helped me relize my trust levels. Back home on the Ranch i think my trust is s 90% (there's always the chance that the family will break/lose something of mine) and at whitewater where i went to school it's 99% in missoula i think my trust level drops to 80% I lock my door and there has been people in our neighborhood lately breaking car windows to steal stuff. But once I made it to San Fran I think my trust level droped to around 30%. I think everybody is out to scam me (like the ticket person, who seemed too slick to be honest; and the indian food guy, it seemed like he was asking me if i needed something with out me knowing what for-i'm not sure why he asked me if i wanted an extra plate-was i supposed to get a free salad with my dinner? Idk. It just seems like he would ask me a polite question to seem friendly, but me being ignorant of his establishment i would be missing out on something.) To be fair though I have met alot of polite and trustworthy people, mostly tourists who take pics of me after i take pics of them (it's a nice trick if you want a pic taken, everyone benefits) Ok well enought about trust, i don 't think there was much point to that section. Bottom line (here i go again) trust Jesus with everything, even that, and even that thing that you didn't think of, and the other thing you forgot about...basically you need to trust him to help you trust him. Surrendure youself to him and he will take care of everythign, even the things you think he is discusted with you with. He longs to transform you so you can trust Him even more, just surrendure to Jesus... Ok now there is some relavance (revalation?) to my blog. HAHA it's all about Jesus-even when it isn't. Ok back to san francisco... so i was dead tired when i got back because i i basically walked back from the fishermans warf, a good couple of miles up and down the city of fourty hills. (I randomly fou nd this how do you like it Meg?) Day 3 (today the 11th i think, this stupid computer's dates are in korean!) i slept in, missing my chance to get some sold out early bird tickets to go tour alcatraz island. Next i ate breakfast in the basement of the Adalade Hostle where i'm staying. and after that i decided that i needed to go to the Golden gate Bridge, you just can't miss that in san fran. so i got some advice on the bus system, took route 30 to the end and got off to start the "15-20 min walk" to the bridge... 2.5 flipping hours later i made it to the bridge. yea i walked way too far for my likings. I don 't blame them it was an easy estamate mistake to make, the map isn't to scale in that part of town, so i also thought that that sounded right. i walked the bridge, the size is daunting, spectacular, possibly more impressive than the eiffle tower... Sorry french peps. and then i walked back across and hopped on to a bus (very happy to be done with my walking for the day) and about the time the bus left the bottom of the map i realized that i had messed up again. funny though i just keep taking this crap in stride, and now that i'm talking about it i seem mad. whatever. I ate at an indian place after i got off the correct bus and then came back to the hostle. and that was my day in an ancient length scroll. Time to go watch Braveheart in French. Later...........


Blogger lance said...

So it sounds like you're finding lots to do in good ol' San Fran. Don't forget to check out the ABC restaurant in China town. Oh, and MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) is pretty cool too.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Alice said...

Claaay!! You're flying out tomorrow and I haven't heard from you since beginning of August ! AHHH !!! I need to know how to contact you once you're there...will you keep your cell phone or buy a French one? I sent oyu an email with some info and my home phone number, in case you didn't have it. Well I hope to hear from you before you fly out, but somehow I'm doubtul you'll even read this before you leave. ;)
Have a safe trip !!

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Alice said...

By the way, I had totally zapped out your blog and just remembered you had one, otherwise I'd have left more comments along the way ;)But I will now. ;)

3:59 AM  

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