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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the traveling begins!

it has begun, ive officially started traveling. no more work for a months ive already visited family/friends in eastern montana. my french friend Alice was @ her old host families in loring, mt so i visited all of them. it is amazing to only hang out with someone once every three or four years and still be really good friends. you know you have a real friend when you can do that, no matter how much you each change.

i also got to get my branding fix in saskatchewan, just over the border @ my step dads and see all the peps up there. that whole part of the country is really green which rarely happens so thhat was good.

on my way to havre i got pulled over for speeding. when the cop asked me who my mom wasi said brenda murdock and then he was like ok i gave you a warningand and tell your mom hi from joel. aparently she got to know him while she was a cop in the countynext door.

alot of my trip was like this. i love being able to name drop your own name. where im from in eastern montana murdock is like a magic word you might not know the person, but the know your grandpa or mom etc. crossing the border is easier, ive gotten out of more than one speeding ticket. god kept using this principle to show me what it is like to be a sonin hiskingdom. one name opens the doors, brings provision. in reality, because this name lives in me i already have access to everything i could ever need or want. its so fun, you get stuff like totally free trips to europe. YES JESUS!!!

this brings us to where i am now. as of right now im in an airpor in connecticut waiting for someone to cometake me to vermont. sweet! i finally got my list of people ill be leading in france. 9 girls and 3 guys, highschoolerssome from new york and some from all over the place. ill start my training. as long as i dontloose any bodies children i think ill be fine.

wierdly, i was expecting to be flying through new york but ended up going through detroit,mi. ...start spreading the leaving today.. im gonna be a part of it deroit, detroit? wha wha fail, motown? they actually have a huge ass airport, likeits really big and there were lots and lots of people. im trying toupload a movie of it to utube. it was special. anyways, i should add to the like 3 hrs of sleep ive gotten so far today. peace

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Monday, June 13, 2011

French-Malgache Food!

I am restarting my blog. Yes, wake up in Jesus Name!

I've decided, by inspiration of a blogging friend of mine, Jess Strabava, to blog about the free trip I'm taking to France and I am doing the pre-trip blog right now as I eat food I learned how to make from my "French" host mom from Madagascar. Yum!

I'm busy thinking about what I have to pack and waiting to hear back from the orginization about when I fly out. I fly out of Missoula in a week and they still haven't contacted me with any more vital info like when I'm leaving, what I need to pack, who my students are going to be, where exactly in Europe I will be going-so I have time to research and at least give the impression that I know about where I will be leading the kids.

Yeah, so I got "hired" to lead a group of U.S. high school students to France and Germany for three weeks this summer. Freaking out!

Here's the story, One day in late March I was like, "Yo, Jesus, Big Guy." (We're real tight so I can talk to him like that.) "I'm kinda bored, it would be cool to have something to look forward to." I just kinda threw up a mini-prayer, not even expecting anything. I guess I just wanted to say that to God. I do this all the time, just say stuff to Him.

So a couple days later, I was on Facebook, where I spend like 83% of my time anyways, when I saw an ad about traveling with students or something. I thought that was cool so I checked it out. Well, come to find out I was like half an hour from the deadline for submitting your application to be a group leader, but they said to call if you were interested. And I was really interested, they said they would pay for me to get from New York to France and back if I were a group leader. SWEET! So I called and they said if I got an application in by the end of the week they would consider me. They said they would contact me in April or the first week in May if they were interested in my leading a group of kids abroad.

So I got my application done, had my super sweet awesome reference people hook me up-Jason S., Jessica K., and Nicole G. and got everything send in about two days late. (Just like when I was in college.) And then I waited. They said if I didn't hear anything back that was good, and meant they had gotten my application.

I was pretty unsure about this trip, praying about it I had some hesitation, mostly about cost. I'm wanting to save up for some other traveling (missions stuff) which I deem more important and was just worried that paying to get to New York and Vermont (where the training is) and for the one meal/day would cost too much to justify going on this trip. I saw this trip as potentially frivolous and not really in God's plan since I was already more sure about other things (missions stuff).

Even though, I don't believe God sees giving me an almost free trip to work with students where I won't be doing missions style work ungodly, I was still concerned. I even prayed that they don't call me back if I wasn't supposed to go. So when the middle of May rolled around, I knew they weren't interested in me going and felt a sense of relief. No money problems!

Then the third week in May happened. Having totally written of this trip and being completely ok about not going, I prayed "God, I'm kinda bored. I want something to look forward too." again without even remembering the last time. The next day, I got a phone call and the guy said he wanted to interview me for the trip! I was shocked and kinda freaked out. He even was willing to interview me that night! That sounds like God rearranged someone's schedule to get me a spot!

So, still nervous about the money thing I interviewed. I had to talk about what I would do if I lost one of my kids at the airport, speak French and explain how to handle Mexican host parents finding condoms in one of my kids purses and thusly thinking they were housing a girl of ill-repute (apparently that happens :/). He said he would call me back with their decision. And then, I didn't have time to ask about the money/compensation.

Nextly (is this a word?), I went to my team leader of the very schedule sensitive company I work for (if you need a job I will hook you up, use me as a reference, I get money.) and asked them if I could get time off in a couple weeks for five weeks. etc etc.

I got a call back a couple of days later and they said they were officially offering me a job to travel with students in France and Germany for three weeks and that they were going to pay for all my expenses from Missoula to Vermont to New York to Europe and all the way back to MSO! And they are throwing 100$ per week on top of that. SWEET, no money out of my pocket! All I have to pay for is souvenirs. I've been to France three times. I need no souvenirs. Score! And apparently my boss talked to her boss who talked to her boss and they decided to give me time off! I'm even taking an extra week off before to go back home to visit family and Alice, my French friend who is visiting her host family, just a few miles from my ranch! WINNING! Hopefully, I'll get to meet my host family from Lyon!

Now I just need to pack, get a medical checkup and get details about my trip. And word to the wise, be careful about telling Jesus you are bored. He is not ok with boredom and will deal with it appropriately!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glimpses of the most recent year of Clay's life...

A year has gone by and I find my self bored at 2:22am the week before school starts needing to find something to do until I work off the energy I gained from my nap earlier tonight while watching the Olympics.

So, because the last time I blogged for real was in Europe, I just want to let you know I did make it back to the US of A with only minor return culture shock. Which was cool.

Anyways, finishing up on Europe... after my pilgrimage to many important Lutheran sites in Germany and Rome and Athens I was ready to go home to a place where I understood their language and culture. The shocking thing to me was that I was thinking those thoughts on the flight from Greece to Paris. I had grown comfortable with France and la vie francaise. I spent a few last days with my Beautiful host family and euro friends then headed back to the states on my Birthday. My 22nd birthday was the longest of my life.

That summer I worked on the Murdock Ranch (home home) North of Malta, MT. I also visited my Dad and his side of the family in South Dakota.

I took classes again at UM, continued as a student leader for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, and got my job at the front desk of the Quality Inn back.

I started dating Jen Reger (answer to question in previous blog.) I guess she took me as some suave and mysterious French (-speaking) guy that she only knew a little b4 i shipped off to France. She was the Art Major girl that helped me paint my house.

Then God rocked my world at Encounter Weekend. This was in the Fall. I took alot of down time in this knee-buckling time of my life, while God did some awesome things for me. Shook alot of people's hands and was floored at the things that were happening in my life. There were lots of ups and downs at this time of my life, but things have since become generally more stable. (ok lots of inside jokes there). Ok, writing about that makes me HAPPY.

I finished dating Jen Reger.

I have also decided to just finish up my French Degree and change my History Major to a Minor and to Drop out of the Honors College.

God planted the dream in my heart to go to Brazil and do Missions... So I have started to learn Portuguese!!! Please pray into that all...

This summer I didn't work much the first part of the summer. I wanted to do Construction, but that just didn't work out with me between going home for Cole's Graduation (my little Salutatorian Brother!!!), Visiting Ellie and Cathrine in NYC and a slower job market.

Kathleen, a platonic friend, informed me that she was moving in with me after graduation. This infact did happen and my life will never be the same again.

Alice, my best friend from France, came to visit me for a week in Missoula. We hung out, camped at glacier and relived our many memories from studying together in Highschool and Lyon.

But I did get an amazing job at the front desk of the Holiday Inn Downtown. There have been sooo many blessings in this job. I get tips, speak French like once a week, and meet famous people (Sawyer Brown band, the Prince of S. Africa stayed with us!)

Jess was back long enough to plan her wedding and get hitched to Tomas Strbavy. Just kind of a cute couple. We (including many who are reading this) had alot of fun seeing them again/for the first time before they had to head back to Slovakia Land.

I also started hanging out with some new friends, RaShelle Soper from Nebraska and Allie Harrison from Missoula. RaShelle and I recently went to a Revival like conference in Spokane. Soooo Good.

Murdock comes from Gaelic "Murchadh" meaning "Sea Warrior."

And to top it all off, Kenny Reichelt, another of my Best friends from Highschool moved in with me here at my aunt and uncle's. Together Kenny and I made up 100% of the male populaiton of our graduating class and 33% total.

Yours truely, Moist Dirt Scottish Sea Warrior Man.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This blog sucks, why doesn't anyone write anything on it. He must have a life. IDK. Dude. Lame.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So I'm realizing today that I have A lot to be thankful for...

Jesus died for me, and The Father loves me, and Holy Spirit is the comforter.

I'm working today 3-11pm but totally in a good mood. Brandon and his mom, Staci, brought me an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. She even wrapped things individually and then they stayed while I ate!!! I can't wait to get to the pies.

We just got a foot of snow this weekend an Missoula is beautiful!!! There were weird flashes of green and blue light off and on during that Saturday night. We aren't sure what that was. Lightning while it was snowing?

I was just reading in our front desk log that this snow caused lots of problems here at the motel. Everything having to do with electricity went wrong. Poor lady. The next night's graveyard shift was also eventful for her. That's all I'm going to say. Its been some very entertaining reading while at work.

So the night after the foot of snow some friends and I decided to go sledding. Very fun. We found a spot near "Mansion Hights" with a pond at the bottom... There was a lot of snow and a really wide trail half way down so we "weren't worried." We went down that for a while, then another spot then went back to the pond one and decided to make chains as we slid down the hill. the first chain 5 tubes 6 people went well. For the next chain i sat on top of the front person. and we started going. but then half way down we got bunched up and i fell off. but the people in the back were still coming. Everyone hung on well and in no time the very back person was the very front person but sliding backwards... towards the pond. I jumped back on after i saw they were still going but backwards. Then I jumped off when i realized that they weren't making any effort to stop sliding down the hill as they got close to the pond. They all went in one after another, one still hanging onto another. Woops. That was our last run. Afterwards, we went to the guys house and had hot chocolate and i studied for my Greek test and found out that i really like U2. We are going to play U2's song 'One' for guitar class.

I wish you all a Very Happy Turkey Day.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Clay's life... One year ago...

So I thought it would be hilarious to add an unfinished blog from about a year ago, also the last time I attempted bloging. 2 questions... Where were you last year at this time. And bonus points to who ever can think of who the mystery person is that I started to blog about at the end of this blog...

Real Blog...

Ok, so I normally dont appologize for not blogging, but I still haven't caught you all up on my Euro Trip!!! I'M SORRY!!!

So, well, I'm back from France (I miss it ALOT). I had an awesome summer back at home with my family. And I'm a senior at UM continueing French and History. For classes i'm taking History of Colonial America and History of the 50's. French Lit of the 20th cent. Guitar. and Ancient Greek... Again. I think i wrote them from order of worst to best how they are going.

Besides School I'm a Student Leader for my Christian Group, Chi Alpha. I'm Loving it. I help lead a Core group, and get to Give the pre-offering/giving talk/prayer. Let's just say I'm raking in the dough for XA... hu... ok....

I work at the front desk of the Quality Inn again.

But, most coolly (yes cool has now become an adverb) is that I'm going out with this super cool, pretty, smart.... G

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Luther to Rome!!!!

Hello all, eventhough i havent finished blogging about spring break and the end of the school year i guess i have to start blogging about my summer travels.

First of All i went to Geneva.

I took the train from Lyon. After saying good bye to a few friends (who i will miss way tooo much) gave them my finished papers to hand in for me and then i hoped on the train to Geneva, Switzerland, just next to France. They speak french there and its where one of the greatest reformers, Calvin, started reforming after the French Catholics chased him out of France. He's right up there with Martin Luther.

Here's where we can start speaking about my problems.... Many of you know Im a bit of a space case. Well compound this with 2 nights of very little sleep (finishing homework, and packing). When I arrived in Geneva i knew that i had to see the worlds biggest water jet, Calvins church, and the reformers wall monument (remember this last one.) Well i didnt see the Jet when i went by so i headed for the church which was inbetween there and the wall monument. I walked by purgatory street (i couldnt believe that purgatory was in the most reformed, non catholic city in europe, but the catholics are correct, it exists.)

I kept wandering, litterally, and happened upon a big park. Somehow i missed the Calvinist Church. But i was all too excited to see all the greenness that does not really exist in Lyon, so i took my chance to detour through there to find another path to the Church. On my way walking through i saw a bit STATUE of CALVIN and some other IMPORTANT LOOKING REFORMERS on a "MONUMENTAL" like WALL. I thought, well id better take a picture of that its kind of neat. So i went and took one picture and then left looking at my map for the church. I just couldnt figure out how id passed it and surprise the map showed i was close to the REFORMERS MONUMENT WALL. Two seconds later it clicked, DUH!!!! that giant 100 yard wall behind you with the statues of the calvinist reformers is the Reformers Wall. I dont know if a tour guide could have pointed it out to me!

So i went and took alot more pictures and read the writings. It was extremely inspiring to see how just a few faithful people changed our world so much. If you really want to make your mark in History pair up with the History writer, he can "pencil" you in in no small way.

After that some more wandering brought me to the church. I saw a very unimportant narrow road and guess what i found! Yes the church. It was big and bland, according to Calvinist beliefs. But now that i think about it pretty cool historically.

On the way back i saw the worlds largest jet by accident, and then bought some more swiss souvenirs. These souvenirs cut my schedule all to pieces and so i had to rework my schedule for going to Wurzburg, Gremany to see my friends.

So i made it to Wurzburg, Germany and learned that I should just trust the time schedule they give me at the counter. I missed church with my friends (who none of you know since i haven't blogged about spring break and how i met them.) I did some more wandering after a bus left me off in the middle of nowhere. And eventually spotted the big yellow building where the church was. There were still people hanging out there!

After saying hey and having a pizza with corn on it and trying to find Eunkyung (a korean girl now studying in Wurzburg that i got to lead to Christ), Sandra, Marius and I went to the river side. We played some worship music on their guitars and just hung out and talked. It was an awesome afternoon just relaxing and singing after studying so hard for so many weeks. Some of the songs we sang were in German, which was super cool. And I was floored at this other song in German, i dont know why we dont have it in English. Im getting a copie of the music and Sandra singing and playing it. Its so beautiful i cant even say. German at times can be a bit funny-clunky when sung, but if its the right song its very good, especially if its a german singing it. I also tried to have a discussion with Marius, a polish guy who speaks German, and not too much English. He has an alright english vocab and me 30 german words so between that we worked out with much effort a conversation. Sandra's a brand new Biology teacher.

That night I decided to go look for Eunkyung. Id written 2 emails the weeks leading up to my trip and like i said tryed to meet her. But no luck. I was worrying alot if we would get to meet or not. I wanted to know how her new life as a student in Germany and as a believer was working out etc. So i went to "her" dorm and looked for her, i asked some people and we still couldnt find her. they told me to look in the other ones. And then i remembered that i had been looking in the one that she accidentily moved into. I knew it was the second one that she was in. So litterally 5 seconds into trying to break in to the second dorm building this girl walks up to the door i was trying to get into. It was Her!!!!! She was shocked and so was I. It had to be the best "random" meeting ive ever had. So after many hellos etc she said she had to go give her friend the bowl of cherries she was holding. I couldnt figure out why she just left me outside her dorm. But then she came back and she took me to her real dorm! I wasnt even at her dorm she lives in another just close by and said she had had the "random" thought of "im going to take my friend some cherries" and thats why she had shown up at the dorm. i keep putting random in quotes because i believe that i have too many coincidences in my life that just "happen" and just "happen" to answer a couple of prayers at one time. God likes answering my prayers like that random, how id never thought, kill 2 birds with one stone, you get the idea. God-incidences.
Well the shop is closing down so id better let you go and continue my trip story later! God Bless you! Clay

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