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Monday, September 18, 2006

Classes Coming Soon!

Another jolly message for all you'uns who are interested! The orientation classes are over and i've been dropped like a french tart pie into another gobble of french rouge (red) tape! Time to figure out classes: The averages French student has their classes set out for them depending on their major and year in school. The average American student goes into shock about ten minutes after first seeing the scheduling mess he has to sort through. In stead of one schedule to look at like the average french student, i have six to 9 to look at! Because i am a double major and am picking classes for first, third and fifth semester (2 semesters a year, three years semesters 1-6 in france) I had a much harder time figuring out what classes i was going to take. Thank God some one finally told me that there were multiple "lab" classes to go with the "lecture" classes so i didn't have to worry about them fitting in to my schedule. I was under a lot of stress when people kept telling me that the schedule for the lab classes didn't come out for 2 weeks. hahaha I didn't think the french could make it so easy for me. Salute to French Administrator types who did something the way Peps in the US do.

I will most likely be taking a french grammar class, a french geography/culture class, ancient Greek history, Roman civilization, the mid eighteenth century of French history, Theatre literature of the 40's and 50's and one more class to help fulfill some french major stuff.

I had a fun experience this weekend. I went to a "Lutherienne" Cult (Lutheran Church Service). I understood very little, but I got to take communion and sing in French a song that i know the tune to. It was very good for me. They were a small church with about 35 peps there in a really old church building 189o something.

I am also going to sign up for the Chorale here at Lyon 3. As some of you know from Chi Alpha, i like to translate the songs we sing into French, so it will be awesome to be in an actual French Chior.

In other world events... I finally got to talk to Alice the other day on the phone and I will get to see her on Wednesday!

This just in... Hopefully i will be getting the internet in my room soon so i can add pics to my blog. I need a machette' to get through the french red tape but it will happen.

Salut, A la prochaine (bye, 'til the next.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Clay, I am at Zelda's for Thurs
Fri Sat Sun. They are leaving Sun for their CA trip so I am going to Tawyna's with Paula for the night and then we go home Mon morn when she goes off to school. Was nice to come down with Paula, not so long a trip when you can visit with someone on the way......more when I get home. LOVE Gramma

4:52 PM  
Blogger Argile Ecossais Wallanklagebank said...

Hi Grandma, I sent you an e-mail on a book to send in the mail. Thanks

2:58 AM  
Blogger Argile Ecossais Wallanklagebank said...

It didnt work to email it to you here is the address and packing please print off the packing slip and address and ship "Litterature: Textes Et Documents: XVIIIe Siecle" (media mai if possible) so it gets there in around a week at most. thanks love you, i might have a phone line in my studio soon so i can call the states for nothing (only for a month though). Later thanks


Please ship item immediately via standard shipping speed.

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Here is your buyer's shipping address (use your own address as the
return address, and enclose the packing slip in this e-mail for
your buyer's reference):

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5840 Spring Valley Rd Apt 907
Dallas, TX 75254-3391

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Amazon Marketplace Item: Litterature: Textes Et Documents: Xviiie Siecle by
Listing ID: 0918H105939
Quantity: 1

Purchased on: 22-Sep-2006
Shipped by:
Shipping address:

Ship to: Pierre DURAND
Address Line 1: 5840 Spring Valley Rd Apt 907
Address Line 2:
City: Dallas
State/Province/Region: TX
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3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Clay- I miss you!!! stuff is going ok over here. I love marching band (but then who didnt know that... guess who? ;) ) I'm curious to know how often you check your email, cuz that might be easier to send. I honestly lost your blog spot address till today. Hope youre having a blast over there, kinda looks like it.

10:35 PM  

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