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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Luther to Rome!!!!

Hello all, eventhough i havent finished blogging about spring break and the end of the school year i guess i have to start blogging about my summer travels.

First of All i went to Geneva.

I took the train from Lyon. After saying good bye to a few friends (who i will miss way tooo much) gave them my finished papers to hand in for me and then i hoped on the train to Geneva, Switzerland, just next to France. They speak french there and its where one of the greatest reformers, Calvin, started reforming after the French Catholics chased him out of France. He's right up there with Martin Luther.

Here's where we can start speaking about my problems.... Many of you know Im a bit of a space case. Well compound this with 2 nights of very little sleep (finishing homework, and packing). When I arrived in Geneva i knew that i had to see the worlds biggest water jet, Calvins church, and the reformers wall monument (remember this last one.) Well i didnt see the Jet when i went by so i headed for the church which was inbetween there and the wall monument. I walked by purgatory street (i couldnt believe that purgatory was in the most reformed, non catholic city in europe, but the catholics are correct, it exists.)

I kept wandering, litterally, and happened upon a big park. Somehow i missed the Calvinist Church. But i was all too excited to see all the greenness that does not really exist in Lyon, so i took my chance to detour through there to find another path to the Church. On my way walking through i saw a bit STATUE of CALVIN and some other IMPORTANT LOOKING REFORMERS on a "MONUMENTAL" like WALL. I thought, well id better take a picture of that its kind of neat. So i went and took one picture and then left looking at my map for the church. I just couldnt figure out how id passed it and surprise the map showed i was close to the REFORMERS MONUMENT WALL. Two seconds later it clicked, DUH!!!! that giant 100 yard wall behind you with the statues of the calvinist reformers is the Reformers Wall. I dont know if a tour guide could have pointed it out to me!

So i went and took alot more pictures and read the writings. It was extremely inspiring to see how just a few faithful people changed our world so much. If you really want to make your mark in History pair up with the History writer, he can "pencil" you in in no small way.

After that some more wandering brought me to the church. I saw a very unimportant narrow road and guess what i found! Yes the church. It was big and bland, according to Calvinist beliefs. But now that i think about it pretty cool historically.

On the way back i saw the worlds largest jet by accident, and then bought some more swiss souvenirs. These souvenirs cut my schedule all to pieces and so i had to rework my schedule for going to Wurzburg, Gremany to see my friends.

So i made it to Wurzburg, Germany and learned that I should just trust the time schedule they give me at the counter. I missed church with my friends (who none of you know since i haven't blogged about spring break and how i met them.) I did some more wandering after a bus left me off in the middle of nowhere. And eventually spotted the big yellow building where the church was. There were still people hanging out there!

After saying hey and having a pizza with corn on it and trying to find Eunkyung (a korean girl now studying in Wurzburg that i got to lead to Christ), Sandra, Marius and I went to the river side. We played some worship music on their guitars and just hung out and talked. It was an awesome afternoon just relaxing and singing after studying so hard for so many weeks. Some of the songs we sang were in German, which was super cool. And I was floored at this other song in German, i dont know why we dont have it in English. Im getting a copie of the music and Sandra singing and playing it. Its so beautiful i cant even say. German at times can be a bit funny-clunky when sung, but if its the right song its very good, especially if its a german singing it. I also tried to have a discussion with Marius, a polish guy who speaks German, and not too much English. He has an alright english vocab and me 30 german words so between that we worked out with much effort a conversation. Sandra's a brand new Biology teacher.

That night I decided to go look for Eunkyung. Id written 2 emails the weeks leading up to my trip and like i said tryed to meet her. But no luck. I was worrying alot if we would get to meet or not. I wanted to know how her new life as a student in Germany and as a believer was working out etc. So i went to "her" dorm and looked for her, i asked some people and we still couldnt find her. they told me to look in the other ones. And then i remembered that i had been looking in the one that she accidentily moved into. I knew it was the second one that she was in. So litterally 5 seconds into trying to break in to the second dorm building this girl walks up to the door i was trying to get into. It was Her!!!!! She was shocked and so was I. It had to be the best "random" meeting ive ever had. So after many hellos etc she said she had to go give her friend the bowl of cherries she was holding. I couldnt figure out why she just left me outside her dorm. But then she came back and she took me to her real dorm! I wasnt even at her dorm she lives in another just close by and said she had had the "random" thought of "im going to take my friend some cherries" and thats why she had shown up at the dorm. i keep putting random in quotes because i believe that i have too many coincidences in my life that just "happen" and just "happen" to answer a couple of prayers at one time. God likes answering my prayers like that random, how id never thought, kill 2 birds with one stone, you get the idea. God-incidences.
Well the shop is closing down so id better let you go and continue my trip story later! God Bless you! Clay

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