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Sunday, May 06, 2007

M. le President or Mme. la Presidente?

Just a half an hour b4 the French Presidential elections i've finally decided to blog about the race. Things worked out well for me to be here this year.

We have 2 combattants- Nicolas SARKOZY (parti UMP-conservative) and Ségolène ROYAL (parti Socialiste, lib.), seen below...

In the first round 12 candidates ran from 12 parties. This was a bit overwhelming, except for the top 5 or 6, you really didn't have a clue who these people were. I even saw a news report showing a woman talking about voluntering for the election. during the report she randomly picked up a small flyer of one of the candidates and kinda squinted giving the impression that she was thinking "Who the heck is this???" So yes sadly (and hiliratingly) it appeared that she had no clue who the communist partie's candidate was...

Obvously the above 2 got the highest persentages in the first round 2 weeks ago and SAR. 31% and ROY. 25%. The centralis party got 19%ish and the "Le Pen" (rasist-git rid of the foreigners-legal or no) got 10%. The last election he had made it to the second round meaning people were probably sick of the problems caused by an unnamed minority in france.

How about some observations about the candidates:

Mr. Sarkozy

He is down to earth/vertically challanged.

He doesn't smile enough.


He didn't wear his seat belt after making it to the second round when the paparatzi
was following him around.

He is for liberty to choose to work 35 or 40
hours the people like.


After a female police woman was raped
going home after work:

He wants to crack down on the delinquents.


He went on and on and on with out giving many details in the offical debate the other day (of what I watched).


In France it is illegal for Highschoolers on down to wear Religous symbols to school... Cross necklace, Veil (many do anyways. And…

He is pro-Religious expression.


Pro (big) business. Laisser faire econ.


Potential to be stuck in the mud (same party as last president).


He is Pro-America (with a few reservations)

He is pro-War in Iran


Check out his Wikipedia Article Here.

Mrs. Royal

She seems to have had a make-over.

She has a beautiful smile.


She was very late for the 1st round thank you speach.

She says keep the 35 hour work week limit and has other plans for fixing the econ problems. (Don’t kno
w specifics.)


She wants to send escorts.


She was very articulate, detailed, better debater.


She is pro liberal values.



Pro disabled people rights. (France needs BIG TIME.)

Inovative thinker.


She encouraged Quebeque independence

Traveled to China

As if already Presidente


Often spoke down at the peoples level.

I find these things funny because 1) it seems that a lot of what she did is based on things that american presidents did to win (act as if president, Get pretty like JFK, talk down 2 peps like Abe Lincoln) . 2) The French understand politics much better than americans from 150 years ago and today.

Her Wikipedia article Here.

This is the end of my extremely analytic and professional political analysis. Just pretend that the wikipedia articles are mine and everything will be ok (I still need to read them).

Who do you think i would have voted for? Ségo or Sarko? Why?

I'll tell you my answer in the comments in a while.

Et le gagnant/la gagnante est... (who won)

Sarkozy. 53%.

(Did you like how anti-climatic that was... à la francaise. They don't have to wait for the results from 50 states, and then 2 weeks for hanging-chads. Ahh, life in one time zone.)

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