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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the traveling begins!

it has begun, ive officially started traveling. no more work for a months ive already visited family/friends in eastern montana. my french friend Alice was @ her old host families in loring, mt so i visited all of them. it is amazing to only hang out with someone once every three or four years and still be really good friends. you know you have a real friend when you can do that, no matter how much you each change.

i also got to get my branding fix in saskatchewan, just over the border @ my step dads and see all the peps up there. that whole part of the country is really green which rarely happens so thhat was good.

on my way to havre i got pulled over for speeding. when the cop asked me who my mom wasi said brenda murdock and then he was like ok i gave you a warningand and tell your mom hi from joel. aparently she got to know him while she was a cop in the countynext door.

alot of my trip was like this. i love being able to name drop your own name. where im from in eastern montana murdock is like a magic word you might not know the person, but the know your grandpa or mom etc. crossing the border is easier, ive gotten out of more than one speeding ticket. god kept using this principle to show me what it is like to be a sonin hiskingdom. one name opens the doors, brings provision. in reality, because this name lives in me i already have access to everything i could ever need or want. its so fun, you get stuff like totally free trips to europe. YES JESUS!!!

this brings us to where i am now. as of right now im in an airpor in connecticut waiting for someone to cometake me to vermont. sweet! i finally got my list of people ill be leading in france. 9 girls and 3 guys, highschoolerssome from new york and some from all over the place. ill start my training. as long as i dontloose any bodies children i think ill be fine.

wierdly, i was expecting to be flying through new york but ended up going through detroit,mi. ...start spreading the leaving today.. im gonna be a part of it deroit, detroit? wha wha fail, motown? they actually have a huge ass airport, likeits really big and there were lots and lots of people. im trying toupload a movie of it to utube. it was special. anyways, i should add to the like 3 hrs of sleep ive gotten so far today. peace

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