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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Win a chance to be American... For Life!

Hello all my foriegn friends. Would you like to be American? Well here's your chance to win the American Green Card Lottery... And it's free to enter. For the 2007 lottery there were 82,000 entrants and 50,000 win each year. Which means that if you try a couple of times and meet the requirements, my guess is that you will soon be American. Some exceptions are if you are from... Canada, England, Mexico, Poland, Russia... But as far as French, Germans, Malagasy ("Madagascarians"), Zambians etc. you have a chance. AND I am totally serious! This exists for reals! Eventhough I'm poking a bit of fun at it... Lottery to become American... It's laughable. But It would be a super smart move for anyone who really wanted to legally be American. I would totally respect that decision. I actually am putting this on here for a couple of friends in mind anyways... so Maybe you have seen the ads on facebook... Avoid them you have to pay to enter those ones. but the Offical US State Departament entrance is for reals. It is actually a governmental move to bring more diversity to the states. So go here, And i will be the first one to call you American...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. Clay:

The question of the day is: What is the point of blogging if it is never up to date. Your last comment was from March.

Just wondering

1:35 PM  

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