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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Porta Potie and other Spring Break Adventures.

So i recently had a run in with a porta potie. I just got off the metro and was walking to the church for bible study and i had to pee very badly. Well what do you know, France is quarky and they had this nice public bathroom/giant hi-tech porta potie looking thing right outside some Catholic church along the way. Kinda like this. So i went to it thinking it was a pay-a-potie, but was very happy to see that you just had to push a button and you could go in. So i decided to use it since the last time i used our church's toilette i had realized it wasn't really supposed to be used. So on this warm sandle-wearing spring day i walked into the bathroom. the floor was covered in water and the toilet was flushing. i had noticed the giant puddle of water covering like the entire floor but it wasn't until i was useing the pre-pee flushing toilette that i realized i was standing in POTTIE WATER! The only thing that kept me there was 1) well you know, and 2) the constant flushing reassured me that anything bad was well washed out of there. Luckily only my sandals got wet as the puttle wasn't deep or producing waves. I will soon be doing a special on european toilets.

Besides that I went on a ski trip and traveled a bit for spring break


About a month ago i got a facebook message from Liv asking me to go Skiing with her at La Toussuire in the French Alps. Let me tell you it was sweet. everybody else bailed out so it was just Liv and I. So i spent the night at La Saggitare, the residience i was in last semester, and got up at 5 something to make the bus b4 6. We made the bus, i was told i wasn't allowed to eat my cookies, but i could finish the one i'd started.

2hours later and we were there.

We were very excited to make it to the ski area, And eventually figured out where to rent the skis. We looked like a couple of clowns getting to the slopes in our ski boots and oblong skis but we made it and had a blast.

We tried a couple of easy ones then i decided to take Liv on a red run. Somebody tell me how to put a video on blogger!

For the last run i decided to go to the top. when i got there i realized i was only half way to the top! The snow was awesome up there and the views.... wow. I was on top of Europe.

And what do you know, all those little goofy bike signs going up the mountain along the road ment something!

Spring Break.

Eventful is the way i use to explain spring break.

I decided to go to Germany and then back to Paris to visit my host family's family with them and then possibly to see Silka, and Diane, in Belguim.

Well what really happened was this. I bought my tickets late as usual and had to go through Paris to get to Germany.
I toured Paris-Louvre, nobody's friend statue (first photo opp site when i went to france in highschool with my french club), the Eiffel Tower all in the couple hours waiting for my next train.

On the train i met a german fasion desiner editor guy. We talked about France, Paris, Germany, Hutterites, specialty foods and the fasion world. (Best conversation i've had on a train yet.) He was going to do some shooting for an environmental ad campagne in Germany. And the Female German Chanceloresse Head of Government Mrs. Merkel just happened to be expected to show up. Marko told me that he thought she needed to work on her look-get a good hair cut, wear some make-up etc. He was quite insistant about it saying that the woman running for president in France was very pretty. He also told me he was going to let her know she had to change her look. That is his right as a german citizen after all! Here is where you can see his Magazine's site. Click on the pics. (Warning: Some of the reading is offencive.)

I will continue another time with the rest of my trip and the Presidential race which is about to end here this weekend. Segolene Royal (socialist (like demo)) vs. Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP (like Rep.)).


Anonymous Matt said...

Any favortites that you would hope would win, or were you just giving us the scoop? And how is France?

11:58 AM  
Blogger Argile Ecossais Wallanklagebank said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Argile Ecossais Wallanklagebank said...

Hey, At the beginning I automatically thought Sarko, but then started getting more informed and got really interested in Sego. But after thinking about it after the election i would have voted Sarko, wish I could put her fire in him though.

France is keeping me busy, i have a final tomarrow on the first roman dynasty of the roman empire! need to get some more studying done, just a couple more hours. How is missoula treating you?

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Hey, when are you getting back to the states?

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Priscilla said...

Keep up the good work.

4:33 PM  

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