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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Clay's life... One year ago...

So I thought it would be hilarious to add an unfinished blog from about a year ago, also the last time I attempted bloging. 2 questions... Where were you last year at this time. And bonus points to who ever can think of who the mystery person is that I started to blog about at the end of this blog...

Real Blog...

Ok, so I normally dont appologize for not blogging, but I still haven't caught you all up on my Euro Trip!!! I'M SORRY!!!

So, well, I'm back from France (I miss it ALOT). I had an awesome summer back at home with my family. And I'm a senior at UM continueing French and History. For classes i'm taking History of Colonial America and History of the 50's. French Lit of the 20th cent. Guitar. and Ancient Greek... Again. I think i wrote them from order of worst to best how they are going.

Besides School I'm a Student Leader for my Christian Group, Chi Alpha. I'm Loving it. I help lead a Core group, and get to Give the pre-offering/giving talk/prayer. Let's just say I'm raking in the dough for XA... hu... ok....

I work at the front desk of the Quality Inn again.

But, most coolly (yes cool has now become an adverb) is that I'm going out with this super cool, pretty, smart.... G


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