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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Win a chance to be American... For Life!

Hello all my foriegn friends. Would you like to be American? Well here's your chance to win the American Green Card Lottery... And it's free to enter. For the 2007 lottery there were 82,000 entrants and 50,000 win each year. Which means that if you try a couple of times and meet the requirements, my guess is that you will soon be American. Some exceptions are if you are from... Canada, England, Mexico, Poland, Russia... But as far as French, Germans, Malagasy ("Madagascarians"), Zambians etc. you have a chance. AND I am totally serious! This exists for reals! Eventhough I'm poking a bit of fun at it... Lottery to become American... It's laughable. But It would be a super smart move for anyone who really wanted to legally be American. I would totally respect that decision. I actually am putting this on here for a couple of friends in mind anyways... so Maybe you have seen the ads on facebook... Avoid them you have to pay to enter those ones. but the Offical US State Departament entrance is for reals. It is actually a governmental move to bring more diversity to the states. So go here, And i will be the first one to call you American...

Friday, March 02, 2007

I went to ENGLAND!!!!!

Ok so i totally just had the trip of my life in England-London, Oxford, Cotswolds, Bath, Stonehenge.

But b4 i start i just want to let anyone know that i invite anyone willing and able to come backpack/hitchhike/travel through europe with me from a week into june till about a week into july. Plans are right now to do so to spain with a friend over our next break. so i will be a pro-hitchhiker/backpacker. (dont worry mom, dad, gma..... its safe and i'm going to buy some pepper spray.)

Ok so for the trip.

Ellie Bonner invited Catherine Bergeron (Quebec), Stephen Donnely (Scotland), and I to spend a couple days with her in London. This is how it played out... (doesn't that sound like a Law and Order line... sound effects gavel *dom dom*)

Day one. Sat. Feb. 24 Lyon-London.

Decided to take train (minus Stephen went all the way by train) instead of very early bus to Grenoble, then bus to "Grenoble Airport." We couldn't figure out why it took so much longer to get there the way we decided. so 1.5h by train 2 Grenoble in the mountains (beautiful). then 45min to Airport. hmmm must have been out of town a bit... We thought. ha, when we arrived i found a map that showed that the airport was actually half way between Lyon and Grenoble!?! ok just a little back tracking. haha

Landed and Ellie's lovely mother (originally from Germany) Picked us up and drove us through beautiful Victorian style homes (made me think-protestant, button up, cute, different than french buildings).

Day 2.

Went to see decorated China town on the Chinese New Year festival.

Saw the worlds Ugliest statue. (Then felt sorry because its of a real person, and Ellies Mom actually interviewed her!)

Then Cathrine and I went to see Big Ben Clock Tower, Parliment, the London Eye Giant Ferris wheel, Westminister Abbey, and Buckingham Palais. This part was my favorite part of London. Very beautiful, beat my expectations.

Ha, We asked a funny slightly grumpy guard in front of the Abbey if it was Catholic or Anglican and he didn't respond for a bit (i dont think he knew!!! idk.) then he said "The Catholic Church is down the road."

Day 3.

Cathrine and I went to Mme. Tousauds Wax Museum and saw stars and historical figures. I made J Lo blush!!! Bizarrly Mme Tousaud was comissioned during the french revolution to take wax masks of the beheaded famous people. she brought her collection to London! I saw marie antoinette and some others. and we got scared in the spook house. Cathrine scared one of the scary people. she has that effect on people.

Then to Tate Museum where we critiqued modern art. Haha, we decided that the hardest part of one painting was the actually carrying of the 4'by 4'. not the painting of it. they also had a slide exebition. it was like sliding down a wash board. They do things differently in Europe i guess.

We made a 40 second London version of "The Blair Witch Project"

And then i, being known to get excited about moss, got excited about the river Thames river shore. I found lots of little roof shinles, broken China (that could be older than America or could be a discarded fakes from the new American resturant down the street.). I also found a rib. Stephen was chosen to carry my weighty collection. (Thanks Stephen!)

Day 4.

We had an English breakfast down the street, then saw London from The London Eye.

Somewhere in here we went out dansing. On the way home I got called a mean British name. I probably did look like it as i suddenly realized my friends were on the bus and I dived into the closing bus doors.

Day 5.

Cathrine headed back to France, Stephen to Scotland, and Ellie to her Boyfriend. So i toured alone.

I saw the London Tower and London Tower Bridge. Then I lucked out and got the last guided tour through the Tower and then saw the Crown Jewels and the largest diamond in the world4 inches tall 2.5 wide.

Then i sat in on a bit of Parlement-they were talking about hospital appropriations that were made.

Right after that I went to Ash Wednesday service at Westminister Abbey. It was an amazing way to start Lent.

Took the train to Oxford.

Day 6.

Visited Christ Church a college of Oxford University (its like the Harvard of England, very prestigious, you cant even walk through many of the campuses). Saw some other beautiful stuff too.

Day 7.

Visited the Cotswolds-a vurtually untouched country side part of England.

Quant villages. Missed my bus stop but it was great anyways.

Day 7+1.

Went to Bath, England. The Georgian (late 1700's early 1800's) periods second cultural center.

I saw the roman baths, touched a real Roman lead pipe. Drank the Bath mineral water for 50p. Some thought it was really grose, i thought it was a little off, but nothing like the stuff we have at the ranch. It wasn't laxative either.

Walked around a bit as usual. And met some Spanish girls in the hostle. We planned the next leg of our journey together.

Day 9. Sun.

I went to a Baptist Church service and then talked with some Korean students that went also. I love Exchange students.

The Spanardettes and I got on a Purple tour bus for... STONEHENGE!!!!!! It was extremely cool. My favorite side trip out of London. I took tons of pictures. Enjoyed the Rain and Wind (really i was mesmerized). and then at the end the Sun came out!!!! we didn't get to explore just look from a bit away, sad. However, no one knows why they built the thing (more than a couple of thousand years ago). Mysterious. the audio-guide said that Smurfs were one possible explenation... We wont touch that with a ten foot poll. hahaha

headed back to London.

Day 10.

Eventful day. haha I missed my plane since i didnt really have an alarm clock and the airport was way out of town. So I got to learn what its like not having a home. I spent the night there. i found a cart and put my stuff on it an wandered aimlessly. No one to talk to. I really feel bad for people who live like that every day.

I also went to the prayer chapel. that place just wiered me out. it was all "inter-religionational." I didn't feel like praying to Jesus as well as all the others so i got out of there. Nice quiet place though.

Day 11.

I woke up. Then 15mins later i Woke up. Then a little while later i had an awakening. after that i woke up afew more times till i was to tired of waking up that stayed awake. Then i flew out of there.

And i made it to beautiful Lyon!!!

I'll get more pics on here later. i need sleeeeeeep now. night!

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