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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hey everyone how's it going? Good here. I've finished all my finals papers and just have a grammar final on friday. it is so good to be done with all that work. it was very stressful and i just happened to get a cold at the same time! Fun.

Check out the left bar. I added some friends. If any of you want to be added just let me know. You have to have to have to read Alice's most reacent blog and watch the movie. The movie is so touching and her blog story- as Alice once said- Hilarating! haha

My old proprietaire, people who owned la sagitaire, continued to live up to their nickname -Disaster. (from carrier delaster). a couple of weeks ago i got a bill for january, feb, and march even though i was moving out the end of december. I went to the international relations and she called them for me. Opps, we for got to turn off you account. .... Opps we charged you $1200. I love the flippancy with other peoples money there. i actually find it funny (not bitter). God's watching out for me. Another girl, Marie, spent the weekend in the dark because the electric company got turn off happy. I think it was bad communication/paper work type stuff. I dont really understand it all. but it was another opps. Ohh, the joys of france.

I've decided that this first month of living with my family is just going to be a month of realizing my horrible french mistakes and lack of vocab and working towards understanding everything that is said. (ha sometimes they start speaking malagasi to me and i'm lost) But some days i'm like, wow how did you just use that word, you've never used it b4 really, and you just used it perfectly. Alice said her english when she was at whitewater was kinda like that. it just comes out of nowhere. I've been trying to watch lots of french mtv and read. i want to read lots and do atleast an hour of grammar/vocab learning the languge every day.

I live by the black dot in the orange reagion in the bottom right-Lyon. paris is in the top center.

My best description for france at the moment: its like a wierd dream, it doesn't seem like i'm in a real place. Ok later!!! Clay


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA I totally forgot about hilarating !!! hahahha oh my, it seems like such a huge mistake to me now. You really must have grund(grinded doesn't sound right mmm) your teeth so not to laugh with me around back then :p glad you liked the video, it's actually pretty popular, i'm even surprised you never heard of it !
My english teacher was the only one who did, however she's an english teacher so...not the purest anti hug french person. ;) What was so funny by the way? the Chinese girl getting it so wrong? (which was indeed amusing.)
One more exam to go !!!! I hope your grammar one goes well, my chinese grammar one is tonight...hmm and I just found out there was a problem with my toefl results, non of the students who took it the same day as I did received them luck, as always *grr*
Anyway talk to you soon i hope, love you& miss you !!

3:52 AM  

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